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The last race of the season was this past Sunday. My head was not in it. Standing at the start/finish line I had already made up my mind this race was going to be my worst. I had every excuse why this would be a poor performance and I just needed to finish. I wasn't going to compete.

Unfortunately many of us don't realize the full potential of our efforts; we only look to finish and not compete. Why? I believe it's because we don't have the right information that motivates.

The GPS on my watch provides live data of how fast I'm running and how far. Halfway through the race, the data was telling me I was on [personal] record pace. Suddenly I was engaged. This information was motivating me to experience the joy of doing my best vs. 'just finishing'.

Providing your team with live machine uptime data that informs them of their pace and productivity, is motivating. Manufactures tell us how operators take notice of their live performance data and become more engaged in their work.

I finished the race with a personal best time and 2nd place. It was the GPS providing live performance data throughout the race that motivated me to do more than just finish.

The benefit of production 'GPS' data has helped manufactures reach record production levels. Being transparent with this data is essential to efficiency and it is a core feature of our shop floor display.

Do More Than Finish, Use Live Production 'GPS' Data to Compete


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