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You Can't Fix Problems You Can't See

Many manufacturers struggle to recognize the causes of unexpected downtime and find themselves running at just 50% of their production capacity without knowing why.


If you are missing production quotas, pushing shipping deadlines, and creating unhappy customers, it could be due to a lack of accessible data.

The Machine Tracking System creates real-time awareness for your operational processes, including everything from your machine output and your production line to employee engagement. We give you the ability to troubleshoot issues that can impact your production schedule in real-time so you can achieve significantly higher capacity.

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ROI Calculator

With Machine Tracking you can transform non-productive labor hours into increased revenue. Discover how much more you could be making by using our ROI Calculator. 

Select the number of machines you have and see the revenue you are missing out on.

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Data Overcomes Production Disruptions

Equipment Optimization Leads To:


Improved labor utilization

Fewer delayed shipments

Happier customers

Increased orders

Higher employee morale

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Identify Your Production Drags

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Employee Distractions
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Setup Inconsistencies
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Supply Chain Disruptions

Manufacturing is Fulfilling a Purpose

Coming from a manufacturing family, the Machine Tracking leadership understands that the business of manufacturing is all about fulfilling a purpose. Everything you do is about achieving a goal - you lead by creating things.

We understand the challenges you face and desire to partner with you so you can identify the problems holding you back. With critical real-time data, you can overcome one of the greatest challenges facing manufacturing firms... downtime!

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Machine Tracking Since 2013

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Tracking over 300 Machines Nationwide

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Winner of the NTMA Technology Award

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​​Machine Tracking in Action


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Machine Tracking at a Glance

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View From the Floor

On-floor display for real-time reporting.

New or Legacy

Compatible with equipment of all ages and brands.


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