Help Your Manufacturing Team Thrive

Create real-time awareness and achieve significantly higher capacity with Machine Monitoring

What is Reducing your Throughput?

Lengthy Setups

Why is the machine not running when expected?


Is everyone focused on efficiency?

Process Bottlenecks

Are production slow downs impacting deliverables?

Connect, Collect, & Visualized data from any piece of equipment in your production

Spreadsheets & Paper manufacturers run below 50% of their production capacity.  Our Smart Manufacturing system digitizes your process with real-time awareness to increase production and achieve higher capacity.

Data Transparency

Allow operators to meet production goals and identify bottlenecks in real-time to improve OEE.


Real-Time Data

Supercharge your continuous improvement efforts. Real-Time visibility into machine performance improves efficiency by 25%.

Production Analytics

Past performance and real-time data help determine if shipments will be on-time.


Process Optimization

Make better decisions with data to increase machine utilization

"The simplest IIoT connection may boost your machine utilization by 35%."

- Practical Machinist


Yes, I'd like to increase my Manufacturing Output!

Machine Tracking is affordable!  For $50/machine per month you can collect data from your legacy machines, manual equipment,  as well as your newest CNC machines.  Best of all deployment takes minutes and actionable insights are immediate.