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How To Monitor Your Machines Without Upsetting Your Operators

Positive Messaging

Using positive messaging can never be understated with exploring a new process change. This is true when a manufacturer starts collecting machine data. To keep the messaging positive stay clear to the objective: Gathering real-time data to identify efficiency improvements as they surface to improve production output. Improving production output improves the business and consequently the whole team.

Invite Open Feedback

Part of reducing internal friction is inviting open and candid feedback. This is essential to leveraging machine monitoring data to improve production efficiency. When data is presented in real-time, operational norms that are less than efficient will get surfaced quickly. If collaboration doesn't take place to change these norms then it's difficult to take advantage of production capacity that's being left on the table.

Continue To Improve

Continuous improvement is easy to do with real-time machine monitoring. As large unexpected downtimes get eliminated smaller downtimes get exposed. As you develop a process of collaboration (inviting feedback) to reduce downtime you will get quicker and better at eliminating unexpected downtime.

List to two Machine Tracking customers on how they used data gathering as an opportunity to improve the culture and collaboration.


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