Access Your Data From Anywhere

The Machine Tracking Dashboard 

The Machine Tracking Dashboard brings your data to you. Track which machines are making chips, where you are experiencing downtime, how long your setups are taking, and more. The entire health of your production process is in your hands with the dashboard - you can access this data from anywhere, including a display right on the shop floor.

Machine Details 

Using the latest web graphics and 3D gaming technology, we are able to show many dimensions of down/uptime data visually in a way that is easy to understand. 


Machine Uptime 

Establish the utilization baseline for each machine to use as a pacer and measure in progress in real-time. 

Production Performance 

Develop real-time views of your shop floor so that you can see your production in your hand and identify opportunities for increased throughput.


Downtime Report 

Stop guessing why you are behind and start getting actionable data to identify your causes of downtime. 

See Where the Time Goes 

Get objective data to see where the time really goes, from setups to machine maintenance to unproductive labor hours to tooling issues.

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Machine Utilization 

Measure your machine utilization for each piece of equipment by shift. Determine if the ratio between uptime and labor hours is in a healthy margin.